At SmartESchool students can manage their activities and opeations at one go. Each student allocated a username and credentials, with these details student can login and get own personal details, Attendance, Fee details, Homework, Test Marks etc.

At SmartESchool each teacher can login and get their own personal details, News, Assign homework to students, mark attdendance and other reports. Teacher can also get intouch with parents by sending SMS, Notifications and Text conversation.

Parents module is very useful for those prents who are busy in their daily schedules and have no time to visit school. At SmartESchool Parents can get their ward and school activities like Attendance, Homework, Marks, School Notices, Holiday etc at one go.

"Admin Module" is the backbone of SmarteSchool application and this module manages the almost master activities. This module helpful to manage the all records related to school, Student and teachers.

SmartESchool Features

Admission Management

SmartESchool motive to make the whole process manageable from Registration to Admission. Process includes online Student Registration, Upload student and parents document, Registration Reports, Student selection and rejection, Notification at each step and Final Admission.

Student Management

Student module is user friendly and easy to use. Students can their profile detail, Homework Details, School News, Notifications send by teachers, School Holidays and attendance after enter username and password.

Attendance Management

Using attendance management teachers mark the student attendance as Present, Absent and Leave and in the same way Admin mark the Staff attendance. Parents are able to view his/her ward attendance from parent panel and Admin also able to get the attendance report with filters.

Time Table Management

Student daily study and extra activities are managed using TimeTable. Student, Parents and Teachers can view their Time Table from his/her panel.

Trasnsport Management

In Transpaort Management Buses, Drivers and their routes are managed with easyway. Students pick and drop point, timming are also managed. Parents can view bus, driver ,pick and drop point and their timming details from parents panel.

Parent Management

Each student's parents have their own login details. After login to parents panel, parents can view their ward Profile, Homework, Timetable, Attendance, Marks and Notifications send by teachers or school. Parents has ability send message to school or teacher and view some reports.

Teacher Management

Each teacher have their own login details. After login to Teacher panel, teacher can view their Profile, Timetable, Notifications, Holidays etc. Teacher has ability to mark Student Attendance, Manage Assignments, Enter Marks, Send Notifications to parents and view other reports.

Fees Management

Schools can manage students fee records. Admin has ability to receive the fees, view the paid and unpaid fees of students. Parents can view his/her ward fees deatails from parent panel and pay fees online.

Examination Management

School has ability to add the Exams schedule. Parents and Students can view examination schedule from their panels. Teachers can add exam marks and parents are able to view his/her ward exam marks from respective panel.

Notification Management

Admin can send Message or Notification to teachers, students and parents. Parents can send Message or Notification to teacher or Admin. Teacher can send Message or Notification to parents and students.

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